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Your Daddy

May 14, 2014

Addilyn James 003

Five weeks along, you are barely a tadpole right now.
You still have a tail and you can’t hear me singing to you yet.
It’s only March and November seems so far away
But I continue to think about the day
When you join our life
And create a family
Where before
There were just two people slowly, undeniably
Falling in love
So, before life gets too busy and distracted
And before my belly gets big and I get too tired to write
I want to tell you about your Daddy.

He is full of energy and love
Wisdom and strength
He is vibrant and contained
Powerful and charming
He is restrained and over the top
Remarkable and non-descript
He is quiet and the life of a party
Thoughtful and a little arrogant
He is self aware and a little lost
Moody and steady
He is giving and demanding
Responsible and childish
He is hysterically funny and overly serious
Introspective and oblivious
He is intuitive and intellectual
Easy to understand and impossible to figure out
He is romantic and a ‘guy’s guy’
Highly sensitive and a little bit of a jerk
He likes reading and hockey
Music and Golf
Tennis and Baseball
Writing short stories and playing Fantasy Football
He likes to sing (but doesn’t like to admit it).
He likes hard work, as long as it’s not for too long.
He likes to be challenged and he likes to be lazy.
He likes waking up early and sleeping in late.
He likes yard work, but doesn’t like being dirty.
He likes to cook and he likes to work out.
He has high blood pressure and a calm demeanor.
He likes politics and poetry
He likes beautiful women and intelligent conversation
Bookstores and Game Day
Hot Tea and Cold Beer
His Family and his buddies
Name brand clothes and old T-shirts with the sleeves ripped off
Word association and math
He is indecisive and deliberate
Passionate and subdued
He is curious and uninterested
Jealous and trusting
He likes people and being alone
He is concrete and an enigma
He is the Sun and the Moon
Gravity and freedom
The voice of reason and my inspiration
Some days, he’s like my brother
Others, my father
Always, my friend
He is kind to me
He holds my hand
And kisses my cheek
He is calm when I am angry
He is angry when he is quiet
He is my polar opposite and my identical twin
He is the moment where pain ends and joy begins
He is my muse and my best friend
He is the man I could let my world revolve around
But also the man who won’t let me do that
He makes me stronger, softer, safer and better
Because of him I will be a better Mother
He is everything exciting in my life and all things that are old news
He reminds me of the best things in me
And you are truly lucky because he is the best part of you.


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