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April 16, 2016

Here I sit

Thinking about Him

Have you met Him?

Has he touched your heart?

He didn’t grab mine until I was 24.

He has been speaking to my 5 year old for over a year now.

He has been speaking to my husband for a year.

He is.

He is all there is.

He Is.


Don’t judge me as a ‘church person’ because I’m not.

I am, however, a real person.

So imperfect and flawed

and full of sin

Full of it.

But I KNOW Him.

I believe in Him.

I follow Him.

I trust Him.

I love Him.

In all of my sin.

In all of my blessings.

He is there.

Showing that Love is really all there is.

Loving my husband back to me.

Loving me back to Him.

And At Last I see the Light.

In my husbands tears.

In my husbands heart.

and I am shifting.

I am moving

I am trusting.



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