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Today, is the Day

February 8, 2014

ZOO 034

Somtimes God has something else in mind
other than the life you are planning
begins on a dime
on a whim
on a chance
on a wing and a prayer
a light in the distance
the wind in your hair
shivers down your spine
you know that this time
it’s serious.
it’s happening
and there is no turning back
one foot in front of the other
a father and mother
you will become
what’s done is done.
long, uncomfortable nights
the gravity of new life
the joy of new beginnings
a lotto ticket and you’re cashing in your winnings
November 22nd
She is finally here
and your heart changes
Your eyes cry new tears.
His eyes more beautiful than they have ever been
when he sees this baby girl for the first time
she grins
Momma smiles and he sees something he won’t ever let go
He sees something that nobody else will ever know.
On bated breath
the rest of us watched
and waited
and prayed
for love and faith
to find their hearts
and lead the way
to the promised land
where those eyes blue as the ocean
and that hair the color of the softest sand
would know the peace and safety and comfort and family
of forever.
and we stand here beside you
as you quietly share your secrets
you pinky swear
and make your own private fort
where there is no trespassing allowed
Today, is a day
we couldn’t be more proud
of the private bond
you’ve built and shared
even through times when you weren’t sure
times when you were scared
Today, is the day
where three become one
Today, is the day
where childishness is done
Today, is the day
we have anticipated
the family we have celebrated
Today, is the day
that we realize
The plan that God had while we waited.


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