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November 18, 2015

There are people in this world

That light the way

Usually bright, unassuming, humble, kind, beautiful

You know them when you meet them

They are the epitome of ‘awkward’ sometimes

They are the funniest people you’ll ever meet

but their jokes are told quietly

to a small audience

there is no flash

there is nothing about them that is fake

there is nothing about them that is contrived

they’re not kidding

they really care about you

about others

about people

They lose their shit some days just like the rest of us

But they don’t lose sight of others

Always thinking about them

reaching out to them

hoping to please them

hoping to  lift them up

hoping to light them up with joy

with happiness

with hope

with a future

with belief

They point the way

through darkness

they point the way

with light

They look to the Heavens

They rely on their Humanity

as they don’t respond to gravity quite like the rest of us

nothing can hold them down

nothing can breathe them in

but everyone can see them

everyone delights in their joy

everyone delights in their journey

everyone watches and waits for them

to glance upon them

to be touched by their grace

their wisdom

their willingness to care for others

I have known them

I have taken them for granted as most do

I have wondered at them

I have appreciated them

I have marveled at their kindness

their thoughtfulness

I have said prayers for them

I have rejoiced for them

I have seen their beauty so reflected in the world

I have hoped that they live for thousands of years

because they deserve to

they should

they do

They, are like stars

They, are the ones

who are made in His image I’m sure

more so than the rest of us probably

If I’m honest.

The Helpers, the thoughtful ones, the kind ones, the sacrificial ones, the ‘give you their shirt off their back ones,’ the ‘Call you just to see how you are,’ ones, the ‘I don’t need recognition and actually, please don’t’ ones,

The Lanterns in this life.

Lighting the way

Rubbing your back

Lifting you Up

Lighting the Sky

Showing you Beauty

Making you Believe

Making you See

Making you Wonder

Making you Hope

Making you Laugh

Showing you Love

And you know who you are.

But don’t worry, I won’t tell.

My beautiful,





No Drama,

Love Mantra,

Light the way,


But Softly





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