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From His Rib

December 24, 2014

I curl in next to you
And I’m sure I came from you.
I am of you.
I am yours.
You are mine.
Made from your rib He says
Makes sense
Because I would follow you anywhere
Even to Hell
Even to Applebees
Because you are the Bees Knees
And your head shape looks pretty similar to me
Or Mine
If I had all the Time in the world
To just be your girl
It would never be enough
My partner, my road dog
You throw a log on that fire
And let it burn
And I will in turn stand by you
Through flame and high wall
Through 10 foot waves and missed phone calls
With you, I will learn how to be patient
How to ask fewer questions
How to wait
Oh How I hate to wait!!!!!
Maybe even better – I will learn why to wait
I learn to be my best self
And I want to be!
For you.
I want to be the best wife in the history of wives
But I know I will still come up short
I can only hope that you will forgive my short comings
That you will keep leading
Keep guiding
Keep trusting that I am right behind you
That I am following
That I have the caboose
On lock down.
That I won’t drown
If you look away for a second
I will learn to swim
I will learn to tread water
I will learn to tread lighter
I Will. Learn.
I will not give up.
I will stay.
I will learn to be quiet
When words don’t tell the story anyway.
When all I need is your touch.
Your arms.
Your love.
Your rib.
My Love.
My Life.


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