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The Space Time Contiuum

May 14, 2014

Some days I watch you.
I revel in you.
I take you in through new eyes.
And, I realize
I can fall in love every day
With the man mowing the lawn
With the man driving the 6 year old Chevrolet
With the man glued to the golf channel
With the man who calls me babeski
With the man who always wakes up with a song in his head
With the man who tucks our daughter into bed so carefully and blesses her little soul
With the man who hides so much of his heart
Because hide it all you want, my heart orbits yours like the sun
My heart would be undone
Without yours
To stay the course
To set the tone
For a long life of love and happiness lived at home
With family and friends
Our dogs and our jobs
Our sports and movies
Drama and comedy
You get me and provide the stability I always imagined and dreamed of and finally feel wise enough to enjoy and protect and love and cherish and value
And making vows to you
Feels natural
And normal
And blessed and beautiful
And to say til death do us part is to sell short that our souls are linked and even death won’t sever the bond we share.
Simply, Forever. That is how long my love will live with you, in me and through us.


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